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Complete Do-It-Yourself Rubber Surfacing Delivered to Your Door!

Rub R Dek® is the name for Rubber Depot®’s proprietary mix of EPDM rubber granulars combined with a sophisticated polyurethane binder. Names of similar rubber surface products in the industry include rubber safety surface, rubber flooring, rubber coating, poured-in-place rubber surface, crumb rubber surface, EPDM rubber surface, granulated rubber surface, recycled rubber surface, rubber pool deck, pool deck surface…


A single component polyurethane binder which is moisture cured. The Rubber Depot® Polyurethane Binder is based on premium quality diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) prepolymer.

Details: Supplied in pails and drums. Due to packaging issues, actual quantity supplied will be rounded up to the next 40 Sq.Ft. increment.

Rubber Surfacing Starter Kit

Rubber Surfacing Starter kit includes all the basic tools and items required to complete the rubber surface installation.

A free Starter Kit is included with every 400 Sq.Ft. order – a value of $ 89.95! (All prices are in US Dollars.)

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